The Reactory is located within the Cambridge-Worcester Biomedical Corridor, perhaps the most innovative super cluster in the world, attracting industries to the area seeking the greatest potential for growth.

Massachusetts continues to see expansive growth in its infrastructure to support the biotech and life sciences ecosystem. It is this booming ecosystem that has attracted nearly $7 billion in venture capital funds to Massachusetts between 2014 and 2016. From its academic centers of excellence to the leading industry-support centers such as the BETC at WPI, Massachusetts is primed for success.

Proximity to R&D has the potential to help companies save on costs but it is also essential to the smooth, collaborative development for the future of this industry, driving business growth. Worcester’s The Reactory is located at the heart of this thriving ecosystem with access to the intellectual capital of area colleges and universities, the professional expertise of its hospital network, including the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s teaching hospital, and support through the Massachusetts Biomedical Initiative’s extensive incubator space.

Building upon this existing ecosystem, The Reactory is well positioned to become a leader in biomanufacturing, adding to the success of the industry while further building a platform for growth and expansion within the area.