Welcome to The Reactory:

Dynamic, Scalable Biomanufacturing Less Than An Hour From Kendall Square.

Introducing The Reactory: A Unique Site Specifically Designed To Provide Local Access To Custom-Run And Flexible Biomanufacturing.

As a city with a thriving biotech culture, Worcester’s The Reactory is the ideal place for facilities that specialize in post-R&D scale-up and limited or custom production runs.

With its close proximity to Boston, The Reactory allows R&D teams to monitor and adjust processes in real time in a way that is not possible with more distant facilities. Learn More.

Biomanufacturing Conference To Be Held In Worcester April 6, 2022

More than 150 professionals from the life sciences industry will soon be gathering for The Reactory Summit 2022, a one-day biomanufacturing conference to be held at the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester on Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Value Proposition

Thriving Ecosystem Of Biotechnology and Innovation

Accessibility & Infrastructure Of New England’s 2nd Largest City

A Diverse, Highly Skilled Workforce

Low Cost of Doing Business.
High Quality of Life.

MA Biomanufacturing Needs:


Are In Early Stages

Proximity to Manufacturing:


Of Innovative Clinical Programs Are Being Led By Small Companies Where Systems Are Still Evolving And Innovation Is Still Happening

Cost of Living and Doing Business:


Less In Worcester County Than Metro-Boston

Partnerships & Collaborations

Latest News

Galaxy To Build $50M Project In Worcester

Worcester Telegram & Gazette – August 2020
Galaxy Life Sciences LLC, whose sister company developed the Trolley Yard, has inked a deal to build an estimated $50 million building on a 6-acre plot at The Reactory biomanufacturing park. The deal also grants Galaxy Life Sciences the right to develop the remainder of the available lots in the biomanufacturing park on the former Worcester State Hospital campus. Read More

Galaxy LIfe Sciences Plans $50M+ Biomanufacturing Facility At The Reactory In Worcester

Worcester Business Journal – August 2020
"The need for flexible and sustainable biomanufacturing in the region has never been greater,” said Mike O’Brien, CEO of Galaxy Life Sciences. “We stand ready and able to help our potential life sciences partners turn their innovative ideas into commercial products at faster-than-industry-average speed to market". Read More